About Us

What is CBC?

Childcare Business Croydon is a smart way of providing one searchable online space for childcare professionals. The website aims to provide a central hub that offers all the information required for new and existing childcare providers to support them throughout all stages of their business and service delivery.

The development of good quality childcare is a key part of Croydon’s strategy for early intervention as well as addressing child poverty. The provision of high quality childcare is shown to improve the life chances of children, and is seen by some, to be a key factor in improving the well-being and economic renewal of families.  Ensuring that provision is of the highest quality is one of the key drivers of the approach to developing provision in Croydon.

Croydon has developed a new approach to developing childcare in Croydon including meeting the stretching target of more than 2,000 new childcare places for two year olds. This website is aimed at supporting the user to enable them to access a wide range of information including access to advice and guidance on a whole host of childcare business topics via leaflets, documents, and useful links as well as access to up-to-date, user-friendly Case Studies and Government Policies and Procedures.

How can i navigate the website?

Childcare Business Croydon is very simple to navigate. The navigation icons which appear in the ‘banner’ at the top of the website always remain static and are visible at all times whichever page you navigate to*. These sections of the website include:

These sections represent the core areas identified as essential for childcare providers and professionals.

(*Please note: the navigation icons which appear in the ‘footer’ at the bottom of the website also remain static and are visible at all times whichever page you navigate to too).

Each of the six areas outlined above have their own landing page. On arrival to the Policies & ProceduresDaily Practice and Running Your Business landing pages, there are further useful sub-sections to allow you to access the information you require more easily e.g. Daily Practice is broken down into the following sub-sections: Planning For Children, Early Years Foundation Stage, Play, Early Years Foundation Stage Profile and 2 Year Old Checks.

What content does each section hold?

The Setting Up section of the website has four simple steps to guide you through setting up your own childcare business starting with the type of childcare you are interested in. On selection of your choice, you then arrive at a section called Is It For Me? Here you are provided with information on this particular type of childcare including the pros and cons of embarking on this type of career. The final step involves the completion of an ‘Interactive Questionnaire’ which acts as an ‘Action Plan’ for you to print off and take away with you once you have completed the questions.

The Training Courses section of the website allows childcare practitioners to view and book onto available courses which will support and develop practitioners to acquire appropriate qualifications, training, skills and knowledge. These are essential for good quality provision to exist and continue.

The Learning Community section of the website allows practitioners and professionals across a variety of settings to work together supportively in a collaboration to ensure young children have the best start in life. By visiting this section of the website, you can enter your postcode and discover other services local to you that you may wish to work with or visit.

Childcare Business Croydon also offers other useful functions such as, a Case Studies icon, FAQs, the Latest industry News, a general Search facility, and it even allows you to Make An Enquiry just in case you can’t find what you are looking for!